Kuno Wasser gives strength

The quality of our products is characterized by the exceptionally durable cutting edges of our blades. The excellence of Kuno Wasser blades and knives is founded on the steel we use, which is ideally suited to each area of application. We pay great attention to the hardening structure and to the fine graininess of the carbides contained, thus ensuring the high durability of the cutting edges. Our use of top-quality steel is also the prerequisite for optimum cutting capability, service life, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Kuno Wasser gives you cleverness

As a partner of the food industry, we proactively observe the market, continuously offer new developments of our own and, of course, respond to the individual needs of our clients. Requirements change all the time, and Kuno Wasser has successfully accompanied its clients in this process for years. Kuno Wasser GmbH works steadily according to the principle of advancement so as to be able to offer improvements time and again. We are more than simply a supplier.

Kuno Wasser gives you strength. sharpness. cleverness.